dan stans, thank you ma’am – w/ Dr Jerry Brown

October 18, 2020

The Melbourne community has done its bit, patiently sitting under house arrest for months on end watching and waiting for freedom. Everyone’s at breaking point but if you dare express the sentiment you had best be prepared for a bunch of dan stans to scald you online. Didn’t you know people had it worse during the London Blitz!?

Joining us for a Daniel Andrews performance review and to talk about the sentiment in Melbourne is wellbeing, freedom and democracy researcher Dr Jerry Brown.

Regional businesses are being instructed to treat their customers with suspicion, police are doing mounted patrols of our parks and surveilling us from helicopters, but that 14 day average just refuses to offer relief. 

You just can’t police people out of systemic failures.

Check it out:

We’ll be on a new recording schedule as we deal with our fun new East/West coast 3 hour time delay. Thanks for sticking with us!

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