Pick your battles

August 14, 2020

CW: pornographic content

Yep, you read that right. Melt your brain with us as we read some Brett Sutton erotic fan fiction from twitter account @120sutton. Skip to 4:30 if you’re seeking some less sexually charged ranting and raving.

On this episode Cass runs us through the first episode of Craig Reucassel’s new documentary series The Fight For Planet A: Our Climate Challenge, which is frustratingly stuck in the 2009 climate politics of ‘individual responsibility’. It’s 2020, Craig, LED lightbulbs haven’t solved the climate crisis, can we please just talk about how big business has captured our politics?

Get covid-saucy with 120 Days of Sutton

Get annoyed about ‘your’ climate challenge with The Fight For Planet A

Coke swindles us into thinking the enormous amount of waste they produce is our problem

Just 100 companies are responsible for SEVENTY-ONE PERCENT of our global carbon emissions! But please, have shorter showers sweetie, this is YOUR climate challenge OK?

Morrison’s government is up to more culture war austerity bullshit, this time they want to take HECS/HELP away from struggling university students

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Cass mentioned their deep-dive on Angus Taylor, listen to it here!

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